It’s the Achilles heel for entrepreneurs and small business owners…website content. The web 2.0 world has leveled the playing field between small and large business with that one word-content.

People visit a website in search of “content”. Search engines hungrily search the wide world of the web all day long in search of new “content”.

Content Rules so What’s the Problem?

Content is what brings visitor and search engines back to your site on a regular basis which helps to improve your sites rankings. And that’s the good news. So what’s the problem?

Without fresh content, your online presence is dead in the water. Your site will remind visitors of the Verizon commercials about “The Dead Zone”! Lights may be on, but no one is home.

The only sound to be heard will be click as your visitor moves to another page. Instead of creating a cha-ching sound, that click represents lost opportunity.

The challenge for entrepreneurs and small business owners is creating fresh and helpful content on a regular basis. There is always the issue of time and money.

3 Shortcuts to Easily Create Fresh Content!

With a slight shift in mindset and using every small business owners favorite word…leverage…you can easily create interesting and helpful content! Here are 3 shortcuts:

1.  Leverage What You Already Have

Do you have case studies, training videos, training manuals, PowerPoint presentations, notes from a speech, worksheets, articles that you have written or white papers etc. Give your content a “web” dusting and put it on your site in a sequenced manner.

2. Slice and Dice

Add, subtract, divide and multiply what you already have to create new and fresh content. And then deliver it in a variety of ways…blog posts, articles, videos, podcast, e-books etc.

3. Leverage Your Everyday Activities

Blog about how you helped a client solve a problem, or the creative way that your product was used by a client.  Video  your speech or product presentation, publish your PowerPoint presentation to sites like SlideShare.

Take pictures of meetings or seminars and publish them on your site. Share letters of customer satisfaction. And answer complaints thru a frequently asked questions page or on a blog post.

Enhance your content by presenting it in a professional manner that’s focused on providing helpful information to your target market. Sprinkle in a few keywords and you will have developed a content strategy that makes it easy for you to attract new customers, grow your business and compete on the same level with the big guys!

What are some of your favorite ways to create new content?