Building Virtual Crediblity5 seconds or less…that’s all the time your website has to make a positive impression on visitors! In this series, we’re looking at easy ways to create instant trust and credibility with visitors to your website.

Logos create instant “visual” meaning. Displaying partner, association, etc. logos on your website provide strong visual clues to your visitors about the validity of your web presence and business.

5  Logos that Help You Create Instant
Credibility and Trust

1) Do you accept credit cards? Display the logos of MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

2) Certifications provide instant meaning to visitors. Instead of just noting certifications in the about section, display the logo(s).

3) Logos of Partners –Do you partner with other companies to deliver service or products? Again in addition to writing about them, show the logos.

4) Member of the Chamber, Industry Trade Organization, Business Networking Group…yep you guessed it…show the logo on your site.

5) Awards or Honors-Have you or your company received any awards or recognition for your work? In addition to press releases or other articles, don’t forget to display the logo(s) on your site!

Credibility and Trust are Important to the Sales Process

Building credibility and trust are an important part of the sales process. As a small business owner it’s important to take advantage of every option you have to insure your website positions your company in a positive manner.  In a virtual world, logos can provide the first small steps that lead to building a successful client relationship!

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