by Debbie Josendale

Question:  What’s the best way to harness the publishing power of the web and use content marketing to grow your business?

Answer:  An editorial calendar.

Business Development Begins with Editorial CalendarsOriginally used to guide the publishing process of books, magazines and newspapers, editorial calendars have been around forever.

Today, however, editorial calendars are the heartbeat of your business development initiatives. Because as the saying goes, everyone is a publisher. It connects content creation such as blog posts, press releases, social-networking news updates and more, across multiple marketing channels. And, keeps the heartbeat of your business goals in focus.

3 Ways that Editorial Calendars Help You
Reach Business Goals

1.  Think Strategically

Fresh content is a continuous development process.  You can quickly find yourself scrambling to create updates and new content.  The result is a mish-mash of effort that does nothing to meet your business goals.

Editorial calendars help you take a step back and look at the big picture.  You can plan and map out major themes and topics that support your sales and business development needs.

2.  Plan with Creativity

Have you ever noticed that you get your best ideas  in the shower?

Well you’ll get your best ideas when you have the space and time to think about creative and interesting ways to develop content that supports your business goals.  You can be flexible with these ideas as your business development needs change;  but the point is you’ll be able to pivot more quickly because of your planning.

3.  Stay on Track

The secret to success is consistently delivering engaging content that keeps your prospects and customer interested and connects to your business goals.

But let’s face it, who has time everyday to think about what to say, where to publish, or how to deliver?  Just like the heartbeat, editorial calendars create a sustainable process that keeps your business development on track without missing a beat!

So what are you waiting for?  Block out a couple of hours  across the next few days and start planning your editorial calendar.  Not only will this process add clarity and purpose to your marketing efforts, you might be surprised to find out that this process is fun.  And, if a year is too much to bite off, start with a quarter.

Check out part 2 of this series 7 Steps to Develop Your Business Editorial Calendar for some ideas to spark your planning!

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