Business Thank-You Notes Build Trust and Help You Sell Servicesby Debbie Josendale

Can an old-fashioned idea of a business thank-you note signed, sealed and delivered via snail mail, help you sell your services in today’s hyper-connected world? On the surface, the obsession with social media marketing would automatically answer NO. But if we look a little deeper, I believe that

Business Thank-You Notes are Your Secret Weapon to Selling Services!

Selling services is personal!  And the one thing that has not changed in the world of marketing is human nature.

Business Thank-You Notes versus…
MASS Social Media Communication

When it comes to selling services, people (your tribe) buy from people they know, like and trust. Every person wants to be recognized and appreciated. This is a simple fact of human nature, and it doesn’t matter who you are or your role.

The massive amount of communication received via e-mail, social marketing messages, other media messages, spam, etc. results in… MASS Communication! On the other hand, a business thank-you note is personal.

It takes time to write sincere messages that acknowledge a client, colleague, prospect or friend. And in today’s overworked and busy world, receiving a thoughtful business thank-you note has more meaning than ever before. It’s a New Old way to reach out, develop trust and sell your services.

8 Reasons to Say Thank-You that Will Grow Your Business

There are lot’s of reasons to write a business thank-you note and that is one of the keys to success with this marketing strategy. Here are 8 ideas to get your business thank-you note juices flowing:

1.Thank-You for Your Time and Consideration

2. Thank-You for Your Praise or Compliment

3.Thank-You for Your Words of Wisdom

4. Thank-You for Your Business

5. Thank-You for the Referral

6. Thank-You for the Gift

7. Thank-You for Your Help on a Project

8. Thank-You for the Opportunity (even though you were not selected)

Business Thank-You Notes: 3 Tips to Make Writing Easy

These 3 tips will make your thank-you business note writing effortless:

1. Write a Quickie Draft

Jot down why you want to thank or acknowledge a specific person.  Say it out loud.  Edit to reflect your more natural tone.

2. Edit Out Jargon Words

Jargon sounds impersonal and alienates instead of creating authenticity.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

This is a thank-you note, not a novel! Shorter is better!

What do you think? Will business thank you notes help to sell services and grow your business? What other thank-you topics would you add?

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