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I recently came across a great example of the “Just Do IT” principle of content creation.  Sonya Terburg is a teacher at Riverstone International School in Boise Idaho.  She is passionate about education and was deeply touched by Seth Godin’s manifesto Stop Stealing Dreams (what is school for?)

In his manifesto, Godin invites readers to share, discuss, criticize and rewrite their thoughts to provoke conversation.

e-books and Content Marketing

And that’s just what Sonya Terburg did.  She sat down, wrote her thoughts and published an e-book titled Imagine a School.  With the iPad Book Creator App, Terburg used few words, lots of white space and a few colors to create an awesome e-book also known as content!  Here it is; just click on the book to read it:

Content Marketing Just Do It Principle, e-book example

In a blog post Terburg writes about the struggle  she felt after finishing the book… “I want to illustrate it”, “I need to think on it some more”, “What if people think it’s crazy” “What if no one likes it” “What if people criticize it”.  Then she simply, decided the best way to find out, was to get over it and publish it!

Content Marketing fuels Word Of Mouse

The moment she hit publish, her point of view, her ideas on how to change education for the better, her desire to start a conversation on education, started its magical journey. That’s the essence of content marketing.

Sailing through the virtual world of the web, landing in many places near and far (including my Twitter feed).  Terburg  is connecting with people everywhere, sharing her point of view, moving hearts and minds; all with a  “click”.

On a personal note, her point of view on education resonates with me.  And I love the simplicity of the message and graphic design in her book.  It is very impacting.

From a professional perspective i.e. Content Marketing Strategist, her work is a great example of the power of content marketing.

Content Marketing Challenge:  Creating the Content!

So the next time you’re struggling with how to create content, follow the “Just Do It” principle.  Sit down, write a blog post,  record a podcast, upload a presentation to  SlideShare, shoot a two-minute video, write an e-book.  Whatever method resonates with you…Just Do It!

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