Lady Gaga is the Queen of Content Marketing


Are you gaga over Lady Gaga?  Even if you’re not a fan, you have to admit that Lady Gaga really knows how to create a huge buzz that generates massive sales.

For a gal who was a no-name in 2007, it’s mind blowing that she’s on track to generate $100 million in 2011. You might be thinking, whatever she’s drinking…I’ll have one too!

Lady Gaga is not an accidental “Super Star”.  She has become one of the world’s most influential women and musicians by building a mega brand that makes her fans go…well gaga!

And guess what’s at the center of her brilliant marketing?  Compelling over the top content!

Peek behind the curtain of  Lady Gaga’s theatrics, and you will find a brilliant content marketer.

Content Marketing Secret #1 From Lady Gaga

Find Your Authentic Voice!

Let’s face it, in a world full of look alikes, the easiest way not to look like everyone else…is to be YOU.  And we all know that no one “looks” like Gaga.

Gaga says her number one rule of success is to “not tell lies about yourself”.  She openly embraces who she is…a kid that was a misfit, often bullied and always struggling to fit in.  She suffered from low self-esteem and self-confidence; something that haunts her today.

Gaga has used this truth to create a mega phone of authenticity that permeates her every action.  Her message of encouragement to love yourself, for who you are and value your differences, resonates deeply because her fans can feel her realness.

Gaga’s message is intoxicating and magnetic…because it’s authentic
…straight from her heart!

Emotional Connection Straight from the Heart

Emotional connection is key to standing out from the crowd and developing loyal and enduring connections with your prospects and clients.  Authenticity may not sound very seductive; but it is a simple and effective way to differentiate yourself.

Starting from a place of authenticity,  makes talking with clients and prospects easy because you’re speaking from a place of honesty, not make believe.  Clients and prospects believe you because they can sense the “realness” of what you’re saying.

For soloprenuers and small business owners, finding your authentic voice begins by understanding YOU!  Scary I know, but this is especially important because you become your brand!  Prospects and clients get their first experience of your services and products when they engage with you.

It’s not about forcing your voice or style to be something that you’re not.  It’s about fostering a voice that best represents you, your business, your goals…and that will resonate with your intended audience.

Your authentic voice is the foundational piece to creating content,
that makes people go Gaga and makes growing  your business effortless!

Next time we’ll talk about Lady Gaga’s mastery of Content Marketing Secret #2 Create Compelling Content!

Till then…what makes you unique?

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