It all starts with a click!  Over 80% of ALL consumers prefer to find products and services using the internet v.s. having ads sent to them.  Click…will they find your business?

The web has changed buyer’s behavior and attitudes.  Today your customers and prospects have access to vast amounts of online information from a wide variety of sources.

They can find plenty of information to make smart buying decisions, and they want to find that information on their terms.

Inbound Marketing starts with click

Grow Your Small Business with Inbound Marketing

Marketing has shifted from outbound strategies like direct mail, telemarketing and print advertising to inbound marketing strategies like blogging, search engine optimization and social media.

The heart of inbound marketing  begins with words.  Words used by your prospect when they’re searching for what you offer.  And words that you write to help prospects solve their problem when they land on your page!

One of the fastest ways to start your inbound marketing engine is to write blog posts articles that are educational and helpful in nature. At 3C Marketing, we often refer to this concept as “Share What You Know to Make Your Business Grow”.

5 Ways that Inbound Marketing Grows
Your Business

1. Inbound Marketing positions you  as the expert.

Writing educational blog posts highlight your knowledge and expertise.

2.  Prospects find what they’re looking for on their terms.

The web is open  for business 24x7x365!  So while you’re asleep or busy serving another client, your knowledge and expertise is always available at exactly the time that your prospect is searching!

3.  Blog posts provide the platform to tell problem-solving stories.

People love to read about other people’s/companies problems.  Blogging or writing articles are the perfect platform to showcase your approach and solution.  Stories resonate with people and help them to remember…YOU!

4. Inbound marketing moves people to buy.

As you publish more and more articles, prospects develop a strong sense of who you are, how you do business and know if they want to buy from you.  Inbound marketing strategies by-pass the  traditional sales process  because prospects feel like they know you and are ready to buy.

5.  Inbound Marketing makes it easy to add value.

What better way to build relationships than by sharing a blog post or article that provides value to clients.

It’s akin to the “old” days of clipping articles out of newspapers and magazines. You would attach a note and say “I thought you might find this of interest” and then pop the envelope into snail mail.

Except that today you’re using e-mail, social media or someone else is sharing your article with their friends and colleagues.

The move from traditional or outbound marketing to inbound marketing is a new way of thinking.  It requires a shift from push to attract, from withhold to share and from one-time to continuous information flow.  Inbound marketing requires developing new thinking and skills around marketing.  This is the first in a series of articles on how to do just that!