Newsflash….breaking news on CNN…Lady GaGa and Charlie Sheen make major contributions to aid Japan…

I was casually watching CNN while scurrying around to get ready for the day when…this newsflash caught my attention. And it stopped me in my tracks!

Like her or not, crazy or cagey…Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen just pulled off a great PR moment and garnered themselves millions of dollars of free publicity!

Lady Gaga Combines Promotion with Cause Marketing


Lady Gaga has shown us time and time again, that she is a woman who knows what she values and takes action to demonstrate that. She effortlessly ties her causes into her promotion plans with an unheard of consistency. The net result, we have all come to trust that her actions to promote a “cause” are authentic, straight from the heart. Her fans love her more and her actions gently chip away at the hearts of her critics and cynics.

But I have to say this is one of her more brilliant moves…it attaches her name to the biggest thing going on in the world right now…and every time that ticker tape flows by…she is receiving millions of dollars of PR that money cannot buy!

Charlie Sheen…PR Keeps the Spotlight on Him!


Now what about Charlie Sheen …crazy or cagey? The answer to that question remains to be seen, but you have to admit that this is a shrewd PR move. After all, of the crazy videos from mad scientist to chain-smoking harangue to the Goddess Lifestyle, his contribution causes a shift in perception. It shows us that Charlie Sheen may not be as crazy as he seems, that he has heart and is acting on that by contributing to the biggest crisis playing out in the world stage right now.

His action also lends brilliant marketing credence to his position and wonderment… “Why are people paying attention to me, when there is a crisis in Libya, a crisis with the National Budget and now a crisis in Japan?” And what do you suppose will happen as a result of this contribution? It will make us all pay more attention because it will generate more attention.

Not only will it be rolling across CNN and other news outlets, but Entertainment Tonight et all will be doing in depth discussions with everyone under the sun about what this says about Charlie’s condition, his state of mind etc.

This brilliant contribution will not only garner increased publicity and good will for both of these super stars…but it will grow their bottom line!

What do you think…brilliant PR move or Publicity Stunt?

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