Marketing Perception is Based on Your Clients Reality“Perception is reality to your prospects and buyers,” is a long standing maxim in the world of marketing. A 6 year old recently helped me to relearn and remember the power of this marketing principle.

I was helping a friend out by taking care of her daughter on a Saturday afternoon. The two of us had a wonderful time together…doing lot’s of girly things…making cookies, cutting and pasting some scrapbook pages and just enjoying the day.

Marketing Success Starts with Looking at Things Through the Eyes of Your Clients

Our families planned to meet for dinner that evening at a great new restaurant. My charge and I were busy getting ready for the big evening event. The finishing touch to my outfit was  a pair of my favorite black high heels.

Now mind you these are not any high heels, they are an expensive pair of designer heels that I splurged on because I loved them so much. I was excited to see if my 6-year old buddy might notice them and be as enchanted as I was with them.

I was standing there feeling so great, when she looked down at my shoes and looked up at me and said:

“Ooohhhh you are wearing mean Step-Mother Shoes!!!”

Listen to Your Customers to Understand how they perceive your products and servcies.

After I picked my jaw up from the ground, I asked her why she thought they looked that way. She was quick to tell me all about Cinderella and the mean Step-mom and “those are the kind of shoes she wears!”

Listen to Your Customers to Connect Your
Marketing Message to Their Reality

LOL…what a great reminder! In marketing it’s not our perception that matters…it’s the perception of our clients and prospects that matter.

Whatever your potential customer perceives to be true will be true for them, regardless of quality, service and price.

It didn’t matter that my shoes were very expensive or trendsetting in the eyes of my 6-year old charge. All she saw were mean old stepmother shoes. You can be sure you would never catch her putting those on her feet…even for dress up!

Make no mistake about it. When you´re in business you need to listen, digest and respond to the feedback you receive from your clients and prospects.

What is reality is not half as important in marketing as a customer´s perception. That perception is the customer´s reality, and that’s all that matters!

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