Marketing services is complex. It requires knowledge of your market space, value add, skill (or maybe, art) in creating effective messaging, and powerful story telling!

So how is technology relevant?  For decades, the marketing of services has been accomplished with pictures, words, and stories told in printed or broadcast media.  Technology and thus your message, was limited to those who had control of printing presses and broadcast media.

Marketing professionals services is powered by technology

Today, however, as 3C’s marketing team will be quick to tell you, 80% of purchases are made directly on, or driven from the Web.

People, or companies, looking for a service conduct research on the Web.  They analyze messages, they look at images and credentials, and they form a strong sense of who you are before they ever make direct contact.  And their first contact will probably be via email, social media, or by digging deeper into information you provide on your Web site.

Marketing Services and Technology: You Have the Power

So, to the point about technology… what does it have to do with today’s high-powered and interactive marketing?  Everything!  Not only does it fuel marketing campaigns for services, but it puts the control at YOUR fingertips.  No longer do those who command printing presses and broadcast media hold you hostage.

The effective use of Web technology enables  today’s information-rich marketing programs.  If you’re familiar with 3C’s thought leadership, and the power of our MAP Marketing™ Method, you know that a core foundational principle is content marketing.  “Share what you know to make your business grow!”

Your Technology Foundation Empowers Your Marketing Plans

Your technology foundation enables delivery of valuable content. Today your thought leadership is reflected in blogs posts, white papers, e-books, webinars and more. Your high value information is then shared via social networks, found via search or read on on a smart phone.  Combined these  techniques represent just some of the many forms of content and ways to connect that are available to reach your buyers today.

Technology is the workhorse enabler of all of these marketing opportunities.

It is the mechanism that powers your marketing in ways that engage and inform your prospects and continue to draw your clients to seek additional services.  And, in some cases, you may actually deliver your services via your Web platform.

In future posts, I’ll provide information and guidance that will help you make the most informed and appropriate decisions about how to use the powerful technologies at your fingertips. Some of the key considerations I’ll talk about include:

  • How do you choose a Web hosting site?
  • Do you need to be concerned about storage space, communication bandwidth?
  • Which Web development technologies best fill your requirements?
  • Do you need to include mobile capabilities (smart-phone enabled)?
  • What level of security do you need?
  • What is the best way to implement marketing automation?
  • What is all the noise about big data?
  • Do I need an app?

And if there are specific topics you’d like  information about, or if you have specific questions, please write me at

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