Most of the time, you tell your prospects what you do and how you do it. Increase your marketing success by thinking about your client’s point of view and market to their emotions.

You will expereince marketing success when you focus on your customer emotions.

3 Steps to Increase Your Marketing Success

Step 1: What matters most to your prospect is “What’s in it for Me?” So shift your thinking to your propsects point of view.

Grow your businessby focusing on your clients needs


Step 2: People make buying decisions  with their right brain, the emotional side.  They’re attracted first. Think about words, images, colors that will speak to the emotions of your target market and attract them.

Emotions influence buying decisions

Step 3:  Once attracted, your buyers need reasons to make a buying decision.  They use the logic of  their left brain to justify their buying decision. Once you have attracted them, follow that with all the features and benefits they will receive when they buy your service.

Prospects justify buying with their left brain logic.


Remember This:  To increase your marketing success always start by speaking to the emotional side or what’s in it for me.  This removes the natural wall prospects put up when they feel like they’re being sold to.

Understand Your Customer’s Point of View with These Questions

Instead of telling what you do, answer questions like:

“How will this change my life, solve my problem, grow my business, reach my goals?” from the prospects point of view.

What’s in it for me?


Attract clients by focusing on their needs.


Ask your clients the following questions:

What are some of the major benefits you received from…(fill in the blank with your service, program etc)?

Followed by the most important question…

How did the results of (fill in the blank…your service, your program etc) make you FEEL ?

Tap into clients emotions by asking how they feel about your service


Your clients will tell you how they feel and you’ll get the juicy and emotive words that speak to the right brain and ignite their emotions.

According to Rohit Bhargava,Author of Likeonomics,

“Research shows that when the emotional part of the brain gets removed, we can actually no longer make decisions. We make decisions based on a much more complicated combination of emotion and logic.”

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