by Debbie Josendale

Marketing Services Just Be YouA client called me in a big panic. Hardly able to breathe she said, “How will I ever be able to compete? Every one of my competitors flaunts a Dr.or other impressive title. I’m only an MSW!  Stuff like this matters in marketing services…What am I going to do…I have to make a living!”

She was one breath shy of hysterical as she finished her rant.

I  love calls like this.  It provides a perfect opportunity to remind my client and every service-based business owner that the secret to success when marketing services is to be yourself!

Own every inch of who and what you are…advanced degree or not (in this case). It’s difficult enough to run and grow your business without the added burden of trying to be or cover up for something that you are not.

Your Marketing Attractor Factor Turns on
When…You are YOU!

The key is to turn your thinking around to remember or discover your unique perspective or approach to providing your service. In that process you may be astounded to learn that what you considered a lack is actually the very thing that attracts clients!

In the case of my client, her lack of an advanced medical degree is what attracted clients! She asked her clients what they liked about working with her. To her surprise, she learned that they:

  • Felt she was approachable
  • Did not pass judgment or think about their issue from a medical perspective
  • Valued  her real world perspective coupled with her educational foundation

The very thing she felt she lacked is exactly what attracted her clients to her and the services she provides!

Turn Your Marketing Lack
into a Marketing Asset

I recently read a story about a Psychologist who lost one of his arms early in life. As a child, he was ostracized and that experience is what led him to become a psychologist. When he started to see patients, he found himself filled with anxiety because of what he lacked…an arm.

After several weeks of seeing patients, he began to get feedback about how effective he was.

Upon digging a little deeper he learned that part of his effectiveness came from having only one arm.

His patients claimed to feel more comfortable with him…because he wasn’t perfect. He also discovered that he was more compassionate. And he was really able to hear what people were saying due to his own loss.

If your business provides a service you know how important it is to differentiate to get every advantage you can to stand out from the crowd. So give yourself a head start by…being yourself!

Not sure where to begin?  Start right now with a free Marketing Discovery review.  We’ll offer up some how-to’s and handy ideas to help you turn on your Marketing Attractor Factor!

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