Marketing Mojo

Marketing Mojo is every  business owner’s secret to success! Services offered by small and medium businesses are deeply connected to…you guessed it…the business owner.

Clients buy based on their experience of YOU or your sales rep. And that’s why Marketing Mojo is vital to your business growth.

Marketing Mojo…What is it?

Marshall Goldmsith Boook Mojo, How to get it, keep itLet’s start by defining Mojo. The best answer comes from Marshall Goldsmith, business thinker extraordinaire and author of Mojo, How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back if You Lose It. He says Mojo is…that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates outside.

Goldsmith goes on to explain that Mojo is a feeling of satisfaction and optimism associated with an activity that we’re engaged in. It creates an internal feeling of happiness and confidence that radiates to the outside. It sets the stage for you to radiate a positive spirit to those around you that is simply irresistible and attracts others to you.

Extend this to Marketing Mojo and the definition is:

“that positive energy that comes from your ability to show through words and actions, the unique value your service business provides in a way that is authentic and naturally radiate confidence attracting perfect clients.”

Marketing Mojo and…the Attractor Factor

Let’s look a little deeper to more fully understand its meaning as this relates to selling the invisible…services.

Positive – When you feel good about something, you naturally experience a sense of satisfaction, happiness, accomplishment. You feel good and exude  positive energy.

Attraction Clients and growing your business starts with being you.

Demonstrate – Your positive energy flows into the next phrase “ability to show through words and action the unique value that your service business delivers”.

Imagine the amount of personal (inside) positive energy you feel when you meet someone at a networking event and your elevator sound bite rolls off your tongue in an effortless and authentic way.

No struggle, stammering or spitting! Just a pleasant and confident demeanor that shares the value of your services or products in a way that feels good to you!

Authentic – The  next phrase is the most important and is the “keystone” to your Service Marketing Mojo… “in a way that is authentic”.  Authenticity can seem like one of those touchy feel-good words, but make no mistake it is exactly what attracts clients and grows your bottom-line!  And because selling services is personal, authenticity is an important building block to establishing trust!

When you’re trying to be something else, or are not sure of who you are, or what value your business delivers, it’s not a secret. You create an internal negative energy or NoJo as Goldsmith says; that radiates out negativity. You’ll be exhausted from being an impersonator and hitting your head against the wall when marketing services.  Your buyers sense struggle and negativity and go elsewhere.

And that’s why authenticity leads to the last phrase.

Confidence-“and naturally radiate confidence”

When you really believe in the value your service  delivers; connect that with words, sound bites and actions; you naturally radiate a sense of authentic confidence that clients find irresistible.

That is Marketing Mojo!  How else would you describe it?