by Debbie Josendale

Oprah Winfrey Small Business MarketingWell, Oprah has officially signed off after doing over 4,600 Oprah Winfrey shows! In her final shows, the story was not about others. It was about Lady O and the impact she had on so many. From mega stars to regular everyday people, the stories of how she had affected their lives was mesmerizing and emotional.

A disclosure here…I’ve never been an Oprah fan. It’ s not that I didn’t like her; I just never found myself in the same camp as my Mom, sister and many other women I know who are die hard fans. But, I have to say after watching her final  shows, my tune has changed!

Grow Your Business and Your Brand by Being You!

I became a fan because I was struck by the absolute brilliant way she has grown her business and her brand. Most impressive of all is her ability to stay true to what I often refer to as your authentic self. In the midst of a highly demanding and difficult industry, Oprah made the courageous decision to change the content of her show to align with who she was and what she wanted to share with the world!

Her rise to mega stardom can be traced to that very moment.  Prior to that, The Oprah Winfrey Show, was just another tabloid gossip/trash talk show. In creating shows that were uplifiting, empowering and made the world a better place; The Oprah Winfrey Show stepped up from the pack of bland and stood out from the crowd! Her show sparkled and attracted millions of new viewers who became rabid fans.

The Most Important Key to Small Business Marketing Success

In yesterday’s article, Small Business Marketing and Oprah: 7 Keys to Your Success, 6 of the 7  were discussed. The final point is so important it deserved its own exclusive space….so drum roll please. The final and most important small business marketing key to success that we can learn from Oprah is…Just Do It! Yep…that’s it.

Just Do It! Three Little Words with Huge Impact!

From her early career to becoming the mega superstar she is today, Oprah has always taken action and gone for it. In spite of feeling the churn of fear that shows up when you’re taking a stand or doing something new, she stayed focused on taking action to move her career ahead and to serve others. In the mid 1990’s she took action by changing the format of her show. From there she felt a need to encourage people to read, and she started the Oprah Book of the Month club. And when she saw other opportunities she took action to make things happen.

Get Over the “Yeah…But” Syndrome

Many times when we look at people who are very successful there is an inclination is to say-”yeah, but”. “Yeah but, I can’t do that…I mean I don’t have millions of dollars and a huge staff. I mean look Oprah can pick up the phone and just about, everyone in the entire world will take her phone calls.”

Every time you find yourself saying “Yeah..but”, remind yourselves that most of the people who you experience as successful did not start out that way. Oprah is certainly an example…coming from severe poverty to mega success did not happen because someone gave it to her. It happened because she took action!

So…Just Do It!

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