by Debbie Josendale

Denver Marketing Firm Small Business Marketing and Your imageThe saying, “A picture is worth a 1000 words” is true when it comes to your business image.

From the perspective of small business marketing, YOUR Business Image is the first “picture,” prospects and clients see of your products and services.

Your Business Image Represents YOU…
and Your Small Business

  • What does your image say about you?
  • How does it influence the growth of your business?
  • How does it affect your own confidence?

According to nationally recognized Business Image Strategist, Donna Gamache, your image influences a whopping 55% of how your prospects and customers size you up. And here is where the rubber really hits the road…this all happens in 3-7 seconds!

When it Comes to Small Business Marketing…
Your Business Image is an Important Marketing Tool

I recently interviewed Donna on 3C Marketing Mojo Talk Radio to learn more about her process of creating a powerful business image and its impact on small business marketing. When I’m working with clients to develop their overall marketing plan,  business image is on the list. But, it never fails. Clients scratch their heads and wonder why?

Donna says it best “ You are a walking billboard for your business!” As a small business owner, you literally represent your brand, and your business image is a powerful small business marketing tool!

Your Business Image is a Marketing Attractor Factor

Donna shared a wonderful success story of a client who is an extremely creative and talented woman. But, when she came to Donna, you’d never know it!

Dressed in baggy clothes, plaid blazer and big legged pants, her professional image presented a huge disconnect with her business. It created an unnecessary roadblock to attracting new customers and growing her business.

Define Your Style then Connect it to Your Business Goals

Following Donna’s unique system, first define your personal style and then connect it to your business goals, resulted in an amazing transformation for her client.  Dressed in a style that reflects her inside to the outside via image, her presence has been transformed and she is attracting clients like crazy!

Part of that has to do with the shift in in her image. But Donna mentioned that equally important is the confidence boost that happens when we are authentically communicating who we are. Clients often tell her how much better they feel about themselves! Their inside matches their outside, and they feel congruent.

Turns out…when you connect your inside to your business image, you just naturally radiate a deep belief in your value and abilities as a small biz owner. And this is a powerful small business marketing attractor factor!

So yes, your business image does have a powerful effect on small business marketing and growth. To hear more of Donna’s tips, download the mp3 by right clicking on Donna Gamache Powerful Business Presenceand save it to your computer.

Please visit Donna’s website, Donna Gamache Global to learn more about her services and to see before and after pictures of her business image makeovers. Donna is based in St. Louis, MO,  but thanks to the web she works with clients wherever you are!

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