If you’re a small business owner, you need every advantage stacked in your favor to build and grow your small business!

That’s why the Gallop Company’s concept of focusing on building your strengths versus traditional thinking of improving your weaknesses, is such a game changer for small business owners.

In part 1 of this 2-part series, 7 Secrets Every Business Owner Must Know About Their Personal Strengths, the first 3 secrets were discussed. Following are the remaining four.

Understand Your Personal Strengths to Make Your Small Business Thrive!

4) Prioritize Hiring and Outsourcing

Armed with the knowledge of your strengths, it becomes crystal clear what business functions you should consider first for outsourcing or hiring staff.

5) Systematize the Stuff You Dislike Until…

Not ready to hire or outsource? Don’t get mired in the muck of the stuff that you have to do, but dislike because it zaps the energy out of you!

Instead, create systems to accomplish those tasks. For example, if your strengths are more in the area of being analytical and detail oriented, versus communications and connecting with prospects and clients, help yourself out by creating a system that will help you automatically know what to do when.

Systems take the drudgery out of doing those tasks that you really dislike. You’ll find the pain of doing the work is eased, you’ll feel more energized because you aren’t spending time, rethinking or relearning; you’re just doing it! And the added bonus, when you are ready to hire or outsource the work, training will be a snap!

6) Stay True to the Sweet Spot of Your Business

The phone rings…a prospect wants to know if…you can do “xyz”. You jump at the thought and then you feel a gnawing churn in your stomach. It’s so hard to say that two letter word “No”…especially when it has to do with sales and revenue.

Your strengths serve as the first point of consideration…is it in or out of your sweet spot. If it’s out…no is the best answer. If it’s in your sweet spot…proceed with caution and use other criteria to make the decision.

7) Filter for Your Inner Circle

Use your strengths as a filter to build your inner circle with people, service providers and business partners that complement your talents, versus having more of the same. For example, you may want to form a joint venture partnership to co-market products and services. Try to identify partners whose talents are a natural compliment versus similar to yours. This leads to better plans and ideas as well as navigate blind spot thinking.

To learn more about your strengths, take the Strengths Finder Assessment. You do have to buy either the hardback or the digital version of the Strengths Finder 2.0 Book. But at apx. $25 or $15 respectively, it’s a bargain for the insights you’ll gain. Be sure to use the online action planner to help you further learn how to build on your strengths.

Stack things in favor of your small business success by deepening your understanding of not only your expertise, but your strengths! If you find that your strengths are not at the core of your position and your business…make an adjustment. Not only will your business thrive but so will you!

Benjamin Franklin said is best:

“Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”

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