Social Media ProBook 2011 2012 by Eloqua JESS3

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The Eloqua and JESS3 Social Media ProBook 2011/2012 is a goldmine of the latest information on social media marketing…every page is worth reading not only once, but again and again. Filled with fresh perspectives and leading edge-updates it will inspire you into action.

Social Media ProBook is a Great Example of
Content Marketing

Even more than the information, I was intrigued with the ProBook itself, as a marketing tool; to help increase brand awareness and spread the word about your business. Content Marketing is at the heart of 3-C service offerings, and if we look at the Social Media ProBook from that perspective, it’s a perfectly executed content-marketing initiative.

7 Content Marketing Tips from Social Media ProBook

Following are my observations of best practices demonstrated by the Social Media ProBook that we can all learn and use in our own content marketing initiatives:

1) Design and Layout Sets the Stage to Stand Out From the Crowd of Look Alikes

The design is fresh and engaging. In the overcrowded world of social media advice, the design jumps out and gives you the distinct feeling that this is different and intuitively you know that the content will be too.

2) Share Valuable Information that Matters to Your Target Market

The Social Media Playbook is packed with current, leading edge information that teaches, entertains and motivates. It’s the type of resource that you will refer to again and again…(how’s that for continuous top of mind marketing)?

3) Mix It Up to Keep It Interesting

The Probook contains advice on all aspects of social media marketing – from 20 leading voices. Writing for Facebook to geosoical apps, to a day in the life of Scott Monty head of Social Media at Ford Motor Co. and Liz Phillips, Community Strategist and Manager at HP, there are nuggets of gold everywhere you read!

4) Align with Your Business Strategy

Eloqua is the leader in marketing automation solutions such as campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing. Educating clients and prospects is a key to their success. JESS3 is a creative agency that specializes in social media and data visualization. The Social Media ProBook is a perfect reflection of the business objectives of both firms.

5) Make It Easy to Share

The ProBook is published under a Creative Commons License meaning it can be shared by anyone without the written permission of the authors as long as attribution is always given. Additionally there are no sign-up walls to access the book, you can simply download it without the proverbial e-mail exchange.

6) Add Buzz with Your Twitter Hashtag

The Twitter hashtag #ProBook has been included in the book with a call to action to Tweet #ProBook. That makes it easy to find all of the tweets, and the more your twitter followers see #ProBook the more likely they are to follow the tweets.

7) Quality Helps to Build Trust

Today publishing is replacing prospecting in the traditional sales cycle. In fact, educational information is often the first way that a prospect is introduced to your company and brand…so it’s vital to put your best marketing foot forward at all times. In the case of the Social Media ProBook, the great design and content coupled with no spelling errors and an appropriate tone of voice combine to create a piece of work that is sure to engender trust leading to customers and raving fans

What else would you add to this list?

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