by Debbie Josendale

Promotion strategies that actively engage your prospects and clients are an important part of your overall strategic marketing plan. People buy from people they know like and trust; and in the case of a service business this is a key difference that turns a prospect into a paying client!

There are many kinds of online and offline promotion strategies that help you actively connect your service business with your prospects and clients.In this article we’ll look at 5 offline ideas for you to consider. And in the next article we’ll cover online promotion strategies.

5 Offline Promotion Strategies

1. Networking  Live  and  In  Person

Now before you go UGH!I hate networking, consider that it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to get out and meet potential clients, strategic partners and other members of your community. It also provides real time know, like and trust opportunities that are vital to your service business.

Effective networking often starts with a bit of a mind shift on your part! Check out this article on Networking Live and In-Person for inspiration on how to make networking, work for you!

2. Demonstrations  and  Educational  Events

This is a great way to reach potential clients if your services are location based or if the people you serve, are in the same town. Consider monthly promotion strategies. Invite 10 to 20 people to an event and teach your guests the basics. For example:

  • An image consultant could partner with a clothing boutique and teach guests what type of clothes work best with different shapes, colors that work, jewelery.
  • An executive coach could invite clients and prospects to a bi-monthly round table for networking and a mini learning event.
  • A management consultant might conduct round-tables that offer networking and a debriefing on the latest industry trends.

In cases where you are not geographically centric, you could do the same with online webinars or conference calls.

3. Promote  Yourself  and  Services  with Speaking

Speaking is a great way to get in front of your ideal clients and share your expertise. When your business is a service business, speaking provides a quick way for people to get to know you. It’s rewarding for both you and your audience.

Speaking offers a platform to demonstrate your expertise and share information that helps your audience. It helps to build trust which leads to new clients and/or referrals.

Speaking is not for everyone and if that’s true for you, don’t worry about it. Choose other alternatives that align with your strengths.

4. Pick  Up  the  Phone

We’re so accustomed to letting our keyboards do the talking, it feels awkward to pick up the phone!  Try it…you might be surprised at the impact when you connect live and in-person.

A client has been using this strategy for her service business. She is connecting with previous clients and new prospects, and has reported that almost everyone answers their phone.

The outcome of the calls has resulted in two new projects.  Something that she is sure would not have happened, if she had not picked up the phone!

5. Offer  a  Free  Experience  of  Your  Service

Providing a complimentary offer is a great way to showcase your expertise and connect with your prospects in a highly engaged manner. Free offers let you and your prospect get to know each other better.  It also provides an opportunity for both parties to decide if you are a good match.

One way to decide on a free offer is to look at your sales process. You’ll be investing your time, so your offer should be developed to attract prospects who are further along in their purchasing process. Automatically qualify serious prospects from tire kickers by including actions prospects must take to qualify for the free offer.

For example at 3C Marketing Group an important part of our strategic marketing plan is a Free Insider Marketing Discovery Promotion.We do a significant amount of research on a prospects current online marketing position and effectiveness. That information is presented in a helpful and actionable review during  a 30-minute meeting.

In order to qualify for this Consultation, the prospect must first fill out a request and information about their business.  They also commit 30 minutes of their time to discuss the findings.

Mix  Up  Promotion  Strategies…to  Grow  Your  Service  Business

Get started by choosing a strategy that speaks to your strengths. Try it out and monitor your results.

What else would you add to the list?