by Debbie Josendale

In 2007 when David Meerman Scott’s first edition of The New Rules of PR & Marketing was published, the web was in it’s infancy as a marketing mechanism for business.  The New Rules was groundbreaking and positioned Meerman Scott as THE thought leader in the new world of marketing.

Four short years later, the 3rd edition of The New Rules of PR & Marketing has been published. Wondering what’s new in this edition…the tagline  tells the story: How to Use the Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases & Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly.

The 3rd edition begins with a fresh perspective on the original old and new rules that Meerman Scott introduced in the first edition.  These include the following:

Old Rules of Marketing & PR:

  • Marketing simply meant advertising and branding
  • Advertising was one-way: company to consumer
  • Companies had to have significant news before they were allowed to write a press release
  • The only way that buyers would learn about the press release content was if the media wrote a story about it

New Rules of Marketing & PR include:

  • You are what you publish
  • People want authenticity, not spin
  • People want participation, not propaganda
  • Marketing is about delivering content at just the precise moment your audience needs it
  • Blogs, podcasts, e-books, new releases and other forms of online content let organizations communicate with buyers in a form they appreciate

The New Rules of Marketing & PR Updated for 2011

Divided into three parts, Part I updates the rules for past readers and introduces them to new readers.  Part II showcases  the many ways to reach buyers directly using web-based communications.  The topics are new or have dramatically changed since the release of the first edition.

An example…social media.  Hard to believe but in 2007, social media had not arrived at the keyboard of every computer, laptop and cell phone.  In fact, smart phones as we know them today did not exist.

Part III is Meerman Scott’s answer to the thousands of messages he has received asking, “how do I get started.”  Beginning with a Marketing & PR Strategy Planning Template, the following chapters provide additional in-depth how to information on a variety of strategies.

Hard Copy to Digital

Another big change since the first edition …digital books.  My old hard-cover  copy complete with highlights, sticky notes, hand-written notes and dog-eared pages…now sits forlornly next to my iPad…where the 3rd edition is loaded on my Kindle Reader!

I said this before and it bears saying again…if you read only one book about the new world of web-based marketing and PR, this is the one to read!  You can buy the 3rd edition of The New Rules of Marketing & PR here.