by Debbie Josendale

Turn Your Service into a Product with packagingYou might be scratching your head wondering what packaging has to do with selling and marketing professional services.   After all…services are invisible, no packaging required.

But it’s this very step that begins to create visibility around your service, and helps to position it as a product.

Packaging Turns Your Service into a Product

In Step 1 of How to Position Your Service as a Product, you created your Service Methodology. In Step 2, we’re going to build on that by “packaging” the process!

3 Tips for Packaging and Selling Services

1. Name It!

Spend some time to coin a unique name for your service turned product. You want a memorable results-oriented name that will help you to stand out from the competition, and perhaps even allow you to trademark it.

2.  Draw It!

There is a reason why a picture is worth a 1,000 words!  A picture creates almost instant understanding and far exceeds the power of words to help a potential buyer understand your service.

Invest in having a professional graphic created that will depict the model of your service methodology. Not only will this show that you know what you’re doing, but your potential buyers will quickly connect and understand your approach to solving their problem.

3. Harmonize It!

The final step in packaging is to insure that the look and feel, the colors and the tone of voice are in harmony with your overall company image and market position.  Your new service to product offering should flow seamless and feel like a natural extension of your business.

Continuity is very important in marketing professional services.  Your prospective buyers pay close attention to this, even though they may not realize it. Your goal is to build trust and confidence each step of the way…and this happens when your service product offering is in harmony with your business!

Make It Easy to Buy Your Professional Service

Turning your professional service into a product gives you an advantage over your competitors.  When you’re trying to get a prospective buyer to know, like and trust you, offering an easy to understand service positioned as a product makes the invisible visible.  It lowers the risk factor and ups the confidence factor for your new client!

Next up…pricing your service offerings!

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